Tuesday, June 15, 2021

DeSantis Unleashes Monstrous Serpent to Strangle Everglades Restoration Efforts

Sierra Club Statement on Florida Cabinet's Decision to Uphold Miami-Dade Plan Amendment to Extend SR-836

"One thing is undebatable: Governor DeSantis and his friends in the Florida Cabinet care more about political favors than about America's Everglades. Today, instead of cutting off the head of the Everglades Snakeway, they fed it by ignoring the irrefutable evidence presented by plaintiffs, the urgent pleas of Everglades advocates, and Judge Wyk's conclusion from careful review of records and expert testimonies. The fix was in. It did not matter that Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and innumerable endangered species would be imperiled in the name of cutting 6 minutes from a commute. DeSantis showed his true colors; this should have been an easy victory for our state but the Governor failed us. We thank Commissioner Nikki Fried as the only Cabinet member that voted to uphold Judge Wyk's decision and put an end to this invasive serpent that will strangle Everglades restoration efforts for decades to come." 

Diana Umpierre, Organizing Representative, Sierra Club Everglades Restoration Campaign

See also the 6/11/21 letter sent to the Cabinet regarding SR-836.