Thursday, April 29, 2021


Andy Marlette cartoon: Florida legislators protect polluters over people, Pensacola News Journal 


Partners in poisoning the Glades

Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 88, The Right to “Harm” bill, into law today.  The Stop The Burn-Go Green Harvest Campaign leadership and Muck City Black Lives Matter responded as follows:

Stop the Burn-Go Green Harvest Campaign:

“Governor Desantis showed his true colors today when he sided with Big Sugar and signed SB 88 into law.  But we fight on.  The Stop the Burn-Go Green Harvest movement has only grown stronger as the insidiousness of Big Sugar’s lies and propaganda have been laid bare in the past few months. Community leaders in the Glades will continue to promote green harvesting – the only solution that is a win for the Glades people, the environment, and the sugar industry in the long term.” 

Muck City Black Lives Matter:

It was a shame to see the sugar industry manipulate so many lawmakers, both in Tallahassee and locally through the political leadership in Muck City, into taking away the legal rights of our community so that the sugar industry can continue to poison our predominantly Black and Brown Glades communities with impunity. Governor DeSantis had an opportunity to stand against Big Sugar and he clearly wasn’t up for the task. Fortunately, this bill has brought more attention to the environmental racism of sugar burning in the Glades and has strengthened our movement as a result. We will continue to speak truth to power and demand Big Sugar and their puppet politicians get their knees off our necks and let us breathe!”

Get Involved: 

Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried has authority over pre-harvest sugar field burning and can enact rules and policies leading sugar growers to transition towards burn-free sustainable green harvesting. We have been demanding she institute a protective 27-30 mile burn free-buffer zone since she took office. If she heeded our campaigns calls, and prioritized the health of Glades residents, the very soils of the EAA, the surrounding environment, and the job creation potential of green harvesting in the realm of biofuels and bioproducts, then this recent fight against SB 88 would not have been necessary. 

Click here to tell commissioner Fried to institute buffer zone protections for communities impacted by toxic sugar field burning now. 

To stay engaged with our campaign going forward click here to sign up for updates

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The fight continues!

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