Monday, March 22, 2021

Your FL reps think you don't care about clean energy

Florida Representatives and Senators are saying that they don't hear from Floridians about clean energy.  That's why you need to tell them how you feel right now!

You've probably heard about all the bad bills filed in the Florida Legislature that move us backward on clean energy and would completely eliminate our cities' and counties' ability to transition to clean, renewable energy.  Elected officials are saying that they aren't hearing from people who oppose these bills, so they're voting the wrong way on them - and using us as an excuse!

Call this Senator and this Representative right now!
Senator: 614-610-1203
Representative: 202-688-5432

You'll get all the detailed instructions when you call the numbers above, then you'll be automatically patched through to the appropriate Senator or Representative.  We won't let elected officials use us a scapegoat.  Make the 2 calls above.

Two numbers, two calls: quick and easy.

Don't let elected officials use the excuse of not hearing from us in order to pass bad, regressive, anti-clean energy legislation.  Call them now.


Additional info on the slate of bad energy bills can be found here.