Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Contact members of the FL House Tourism, Infrastructure, & Energy Subcommittee Immediately to Oppose HB 839!

HB 839 preempts energy infrastructure to the State. It prohibits local governments from future restrictions or requirements on the construction of energy infrastructure  and voids any adopted rule, regulation, ordinance, policy, resolution, etc. affecting energy infrastructure. The bill has its first hearing tomorrow, March 3rd, at 1 PM. 

If passed, the bill would void all the work Sierra Club Florida (and others) has done in obtaining city commitments for 100% clean energy for the past 5 years and would prevent any further work going forward. It also would restrict renewable energy construction to only what the legislature mandates.

Please call or email the members of the FL House Tourism, Infrastructure, & Energy Subcommittee and ask the member to OPPOSE HB 839 as the bill will: 

  • Prevent localities from prohibiting, restricting, or requiring construction of new energy infrastructure - both renewable and fossil

  • Devastate municipal budgets and bargaining power

  • Eliminate local energy choices and leaves our energy future solely in the hands of the state legislature

  • Retroactively wipes out municipal progress toward clean energy

Eleven cities​ ​have taken leadership in support of our state’s transition to a cleaner and more resilient energy future.​ ​More than 1.1 million Floridians - 5+% of our population - live in a community committed to powering​ ​their city with 100% clean and renewable electricity. Help us maintain momentum​ by opposing HB 839.

Members of the Committee: 

​All phone numbers are 850.717.XXXX

Chair Brad Drake (R)   850.717.5005
Vice Chair Chip LaMarca (R)   5093
​Democratic Ranking Member, Emily Slosberg (D)  5091
Rep. Mike Beltran (R)  5057
Rep. Kamia Brown (D)  5045
Rep. James Buchanan (R)  5074
Rep. Linda Chaney (R)  5069
Rep. Tracie Davis (D) 5013
Rep. Randy Fine (R)  5053
Rep. Dotie Joseph (D)  5108  
Rep. Fiona McFarland (R)  5072
Rep. Rick Roth (R)  5085
Rep. Jason Shoaf (R)  5007
Rep. David Silvers (D)  5087
Rep. Kelly Skidmore (D)  5081
Rep. Dana Trabulsy (R)  5084
Rep. Jayer Williamson (R)  5003
Rep. Clay Yarborough (R)  5012

Thank you for all you do for Florida's environment!