Wednesday, October 14, 2020

New Tool Available to Identify Sierra Club Endorsed Candidates for the 2020 General Election

As the general election nears, Sierra Club Florida is being asked by voters as to how they can learn about Sierra Club endorsed candidates. Thanks to a new tool provided by the National Sierra Club, it is now easy!

First, visit this page on our website:

Here you will find a list of endorsed candidates running for federal and state office. If you are interested in Sierra Club's position on statewide ballot initiatives, those can be found here too.  

But if you tab down to the bottom of the page, you will see this! 

Here you can enter your address and it will provide information on endorsed candidates up and down the ballot.  You can print it off and use it to complete your ballot.

If there is no endorsed candidate for the race you are seeking information on, then likely there has not been a Sierra Club endorsement in that race. However, in a few instances, there may be a time delay in between our endorsement and posting, so if you have time to wait, check back in a few days!

Don't forget to vote on or before November 3rd!