Friday, September 25, 2020

Governor DeSantis' Threat of "Law and Order" Legislation is a Dangerous Campaign Ploy

Instead of addressing rising COVID-19 cases and deaths, fixing a broken unemployment system, handling the current and expanding economic crisis, and dealing with pending evictions and utility shutoffs, Governor DeSantis has mirrored President Trump’s playbook and is using the fa├žade of “law and order” legislation to intimidate Floridians from exercising their first amendment rights to peacefully protest and exercise free speech. This is nothing more than a dangerous campaign ploy and a reaction to the power of the Black Lives Matter protests. 

We at Sierra Club Florida stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests and refuse to take the bait by doubling down on our efforts to elect pro-environment and democracy candidates up and down the ticket. We know most Sierra Club members are registered to vote and can be counted on to vote. It is imperative we all get involved by registering others, reminding friends, family, and neighbors to complete and mail their ballots or get to the polls, and to help our endorsed candidates with phone banking, texting, and letter writing-- our democracy relies on it. 

If legislation is filed, we will vehemently oppose anything that limits freedom of speech, the right to assemble and to protest. That is in our DNA. For now, we must ensure the state of our democracy and get out the vote for the 2020 general election on November 3rd!