Thursday, August 22, 2019

Be there Tuesday, August 27, to say "NO" to the toll roads debacle!

Despite overwhelming public opposition, the legislature passed, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill to create three new major toll roads that will destroy large swaths of Florida’s last remaining rural lands, pollute waterways, and threaten endangered wildlife including the iconic Florida manatee, black bear, and panther. 

We’re not done fighting to stop these costly and disastrous “roads to ruin”, and we need your help.

A group of task forces, formally known as M-CORES1, will meet on Tuesday, August 27th in Tampa to begin developing recommendations for the Florida Department of Transportation to move this boondoggle forward. We need to be there to show community opposition!

Here are the hearing details:
Toll Road Task Force Meeting
Tuesday, August 27th, 8 am-8 pm 
Tampa Convention Center

There will be multiple opportunities for public input. At the meeting, you may make a comment:

  • In writing or digitally at a comment station
  • Verbally to an on-site court reporter
  • Publicly during the scheduled public comment period from 4:45-8 pm public comment session.  

Get the agenda here.

RSVP here.  When you arrive we will have talking points and other materials for you.

Make no mistake; we are not interested in just making this horrible proposal less disastrous or getting a “better” route for these unneeded and destructive toll roads. We aim to stop this new toll road debacle in its tracks.

We’re already working with allies to build a diverse coalition that will use our collective power and take a very hard line against these “roads to ruin.”  Stay tuned for more soon.

Stopping these tollways will take all of us working together; the task forces charged with developing a plan are stacked with representatives from industries who stand to gain financially from carving up what remains of unpaved Florida.  Check out this 8/21/19 Tampa Bay Times Editorial.

Please join us on Tuesday, August 27 to show up and speak out against Florida’s “roads to ruin.”

These “roads to ruin” are a recipe for out of control urban sprawl that will further strain our state’s water resources, contribute to climate change, and wreak havoc on rural communities, wildlife and wild land. Together we can stop this boondoggle.