Monday, July 8, 2019

Recruiting Members for the New Florida State Agency Advisory Committee

One of the responsibilities of our new Government Affairs & Political Director, Deborah Foote, is to serve as our Executive Branch Lobbyist. This includes building relationships with key personnel in the state agencies that oversee rules and regulations and have programs that impact the environment. 

To gain knowledge of these inner workings, a new Florida State Agency Advisory Committee is being established to provide the Government Affairs & Political Director with insight into the operations of state agencies whose work impacts Sierra Club Florida’s priorities including:
  •       How best to lobby specific agencies/departments/divisions/offices
  •       Identification and introduction to key personnel
  •        Historical context
  •       Agency decision making processes

If you are a former employee/contractor of a key state agency or have had recent experience in working with these state agencies or any of their leadership, please consider joining this Committee. This is a great way to serve Sierra Club Florida for a minimal time commitment!

Contact Deborah Foote at or 251.533.1798