Thursday, April 25, 2019

Call your Representative NOW: Don't let toll roads decimate FL Panther and Black Bear habitat!

We need you to make another call to save Florida wildlife!

The full House will address HB 7113, the catastrophic plan to build hundreds of miles of new toll roads into rural Florida, in the next few days. 

Check out this map to see what is at risk.  Your call is needed right now.

These tollways will fragment natural landscapes, accelerate urban sprawl, destroy wetlands, and doom plans to preserve and restore critical wildlife corridors for animals like the Florida black bear and the endangered Florida panther. 

YOU can help STOP this. CALL your representative NOW.  
We make it easy:
  • Call 1-347-767-2063.
  • A brief message will explain why HB 7113/SB 7068 is bad for Florida.
  • You will then be immediately connected with your state representative’s office.  
  • If someone picks up, give your name and your zip code, and leave this message:  I urge my representative to VOTE NO on SB 7068 and HB 7113.  
  • If no one answers, leave the same message and include your name and zip code.
Thank you for contacting your representative.  We must do everything we can to protect the last of rural, wild Florida from unwanted, expensive toll roads.  Please get everyone you can to make a call too.