Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Call this week for an appointment with YOUR legislators!

This is the last week of interim committee meetings and the actual session will start Tuesday, March 5.  That means your State Representatives and Senators will be in the district next week (Monday, February 25 - Friday, March 1).  After next week a face-to-face meeting will mean driving all the way to Tallahassee, so act now!

Call now to make an appointment with your State Representative and State Senator to tell them what you want them to accomplish by the time the 9 week session ends on May 3rd.  You have more leverage as a constituent than anyone from out-of-district because you vote in their district and you talk to voters in their district.  If your legislator is unavailable, make the appointment to speak with their aide. 

·          Tell them we want a REAL fracking ban.  Anything less is a betrayal of what Floridians have been asking for since 2013.  Sen. Montford's SB 314 is a REAL ban that prohibits all three kinds of fracking and HB 7029 is a fake.    Vote for the REAL ban and against the fake one.  Don't 'settle' for less!

Ban Fracking - Gov. DeSantis, House Speaker Oliva, and Senate President Galvano all said they want a fracking ban.  Good ban bills were filed in both chambers, but the House is stopping the good bill  (HB 239 by Rep. Fitzenhagen, R-Lee County) and has brought out a fake ban that doesn't do the job (HB 7029 Fracking by Rep. Holly Raschein).   HB 7029 doesn't ban matrix acidizing, the technique most likely to be used in Florida because our limestone geology is susceptible to being dissolved by acid.  The bill also has loopholes to allow well operators to use both hydraulic fracturing and acid fracturing.  All they'll have to do is to adjust the amount of fracking fluid and the rate at which they pump it into the ground.  All three methods of fracking for oil and gas mean pumping toxic chemicals through our drinking water aquifer.  

·         Use Amendment 1 funds to Acquire Conservation and Recreation Lands. 

Allocate ADDITIONAL MONEY FROM A SEPARATE SOURCE for septic tank upgrades/conversion to sewer and other environmentally valuable infrastructure projects.  Floridians voted overwhelmingly for Amendment 1 to buy lands identified on the Acquisition and Restoration Council list (the ARC list).

·         Either ban disposable plastic bags, plastic straws, polystyrene (styrofoam) and the like, or let local governments ban or regulate them. There are straws, bags, and packing materials made from biodegradable products that work just fine. 

Single-use straws are made for a single use.  Why do they have to last a thousand years?!

Go to this link to find your State Representative and Senator:
Then make an appointment for next week when they’ll be in the district.  Making the effort to meet with them will have an impact!  Be polite and businesslike.  Tell them why these issues are important to you and to people you know.
Thank you!
David Cullen