Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CALL TODAY, 4/12, BEFORE NOON to support good amendments to Everglades Reservoir bill (SB 10)

NOTE: Sierra Club supports SB 10, but improvements, including but not limited to these amendments, need to be made to the bill language to make sure the important Everglades reservoir project isn't hijacked ​​by the sugar industry or other interests that want to raid it for urban or agricultural water supply expansion demands.

Sen. Rodriguez has filed good amendments to SB 10, the Everglades Reservoir bill, which will be voted on by the full Senate this afternoon on second reading.  Please call your Senator this morning, April 12, and urge them to SUPPORT these good amendments.

Enter your address at this link to get your Senator’s phone number

Amendment 232260 - by Sen. Rodriguez (at line 346)
This amendment prevents the SFWMD from delaying work on the EAA reservoir by requiring the district to begin preliminary planning or construction on the EAA reservoir while awaiting congressional approval.

Amendment 623444 - by Sen. Rodriguez (at line 370)
This amendment ensures that the option to buy the sugar land remains available until the needed land and approvals are acquired.          

Amendment 376758 - by Sen. Rodriguez (at line 385)
Adds providing water to the natural system south of the reservoir to the purposes of the reservoir Web Page 
Amendment 948278 - by Sen. Rodriguez (at line 500)
This amendment would limit the availability of taxpayer funded loans to publicly owned water supply entities and local governments 
by defining them as publicly owned.          

Sawgrass prairies in the central Everglades
Photo Credit:  Mac Stone