Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday Night: Speak Up for BP Oil Disaster $$ for PSTA's New Oil-Free Electric Buses!

What more appropriate way to use BP oil disaster funds than to help move the County beyond its dependence on oil with its 1st electric buses? COME AND LEAVE ANY TIME Tuesday evening, July 12, between 6:00 & 9:00 pm as you drop by and have your say! 

WHAT:    Pinellas County Commission Public Input Session on Proposals for Use of its BP Economic Settlement Funds

WHERE: Pinellas County Commission Assembly Room, 5th floor, 315 Court St., downtown Clearwater

WHEN:    Tues., July 12, 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Come ANY TIME to speak.

WHY:       Support PSTA's request for funds for its 1st Electric Bus Charging Station
On route charging station in service
In Tallahassee with their electric
buses for past 4 years. 

Tuesday night the Pinellas County Commission will listen to all Pinellas resident speaking bewtween 6 & 9 pm in support of proposals for how to spend the County's $7 million in BP oil disaster fundsLet's pack the room Tuesday night to show support for Comm. Ken Welch's idea to give PSTA just 9% of its BP oil disaster money to allow it to buy an electric bus charging station for downtown St. Pete

If the County does provide these BP funds, PSTA will buy its 1st 2 (or more) electric buses to use in downtown St. Pete, a number that could soon grow to 9 zero emission electric buses, all using the same charging station. 

Great idea! Why isn't this a slam dunk, you ask? Surprise: numerous proposals to spend far more than the $7 million the County has available have been submitted. While we're sure they're all good things to do, we doubt any idea is as directly related to the reason the County has the funds - the impact of the BP gulf oil disaster - as is helping PSTA begin oil-free, emission-free transit next year. After all, if we use less oil, the pressure to drill for oil lessens - the rule of supply and demand. 

Besides, people are excited about these new clean, quiet buses, both the people who'll ride them and those who won't hear or smell them as they go by their homes, restaurants, etc. 

Speakers will get up to the usual 3 minutes, or may give their time to another person who'd like to speak longer.  All we need to make Zero Emission Electric Transit a reality in Pinellas is YOU - TOMORROW NIGHT! 
Sierra Club will have these great 3" X 3" stickers
for everyone to wear
 tomorrow night

For more info, contact Phil Compton! See you there! 

Phil Compton, Senior Organizing Representative
Sierra Club National Beyond Oil / Florida Healthy Air Campaign 
1990 Central Avenue    St. Petersburg, FL 33712
office: 727-824-8813, ext. 303      cell: 813-841-3601

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