Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Final push for Floridians for Solar Choice petition

The Sunshine State is currently one of only four states that prohibits citizens from being able to purchase electricity from anyone other than a utility. Because of this prohibition, Floridians are unable to access clean, homegrown energy sources such as solar.

Floridians for Solar Choice launched a ballot initiative to allow consumers the option to power their homes or businesses with solar power. For more information on the Solar Choice initiative, please visit

For the past several months, the Sierra Club has been actively working to help Floridians for Solar Choice collect enough petition signatures to place the solar initiative on the ballot. Sierra Club members and volunteers across Florida have been working to collect petition signatures of Club members and their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Because of you, Floridians for Solar Choice is about 80% of the way towards the required number of verified petition signatures.

But the utilities have launched their own counter petition, called Consumers for Smart Solar in an effort to confuse voters. Utilities want to control the solar market and maintain the status quo when it comes to solar energy, and are using petition gatherers to confuse voters into signing their ballot initiative over the one we support.  

We have a short window to ensure the truly “smart” solar initiative makes the November ballot and we need your help in the final push to the finish line! Petition signatures must be verified by the Florida Division of Elections by February 1st, 2016 in order to make the November ballot. If you haven’t already, please visit to download and sign the petition by December 31st. Once you’ve signed the petition ask five friends to sign it as well. Together, we can place this amendment on the ballot to expand renewable energy in the Sunshine State.

To download the petition, click here.

-- Stephanie Kunkel