Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sierra Club Urges Florida Senate to Reject Jon Steverson for DEP Secretary

Statement of Sierra Club Florida Executive Committee to Florida Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee  - November 18, 2015

DEP Secretary Jon Steverson
Many Sierra Club members consider State Parks to be the centerpiece of DEP's responsibilities.

The mission of the Florida Park Service, a key part of the Department of Environment Protection and the responsibility of its Secretary, foremost is to protect and manage our 171 state parks and trails for the recreational enjoyment of Florida's residents and our children.

Sadly, Jon Steverson has a much different mission.  He would subvert the fundamental purpose of managing our state parks for the enjoyment of all citizens to one of economic development for the few.  Floridians do not want hunting, cattle grazing or timber harvesting in their state parks. They want parks to be managed as parks.

The Senate should reject Governor Scott's nomination of Jon Steverson.  We urge you to ask the Governor to conduct a new search, and then send you a nominee who promises to serve Florida as a champion for the state parks and the wildlife they contain.

Note: The Committee voted to confirm Steverson. Sierra Club Florida will continue to oppose the nomination as it moves to a Senate Floor vote.

For More Information, Contact:
Tom Larson
Frank Jackalone