Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alert – House Water bill going to Floor Wednesday at 4 pm

Urge your Representative to vote NO

HB 7003 Water Resources  by Rep. Caldwell will go to the floor for second reading the afternoon of Wednesday, March 4.  It will probably get its final vote on Thursday in the 2 pm House session.  

Please call your Representative before 3:30 in the afternoon Wednesday  to urge a NO vote on the bill.  This wide ranging bill was given only two committee meetings and no amendments are being accepted.   Legislator contact information is below - Phone calls are best, but if you send an email to your Representative be sure to let them know you are a constituent - put your address or zip code in your email.
Areas of concern in the bill:
  •  Minimum Flows and Levels should be set at the point where further reductions in water flow or water level begins to harm the water resource or its surrounding ecology.
  • The efficacy of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to achieve water quality standards must be verified; inadequate BMPs must be updated, and DEP, WMD, and local buffer zones or setbacks should be increased where necessary.
  • Water conservation should be the first strategy for water supply and prevention should be the first strategy for water quality
  • DEP and WMDs should remain responsible for water quality and water supply
  • Allows continued pollution from sewage sludge, new septic systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and animal feedlots in springhseds of Priority Florida Springs
  • Weakens and delays cleanup of Lake Okeechobee and the Caloosahatchee watershed by setting aside the Works of the District Rule in favor of a weaker and ineffective BMAP.
Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs).  
MFLs should be set at the level at which further reduction in either the flow (of a moving body of water like a spring or river) or the level (such as a lake or groundwater) would be harmful to the water resource and the ecology of the area.  The current “significantly harmful” standard ensures that the MFL will always be set somewhere in harmful territory.  Legal users (holders of consumptive use permits (CUPs)) are protected from negative consequences and natural systems should be as well.
Same old same old
Polluters in Florida have learned how to divert or delay best management practices (BMPs), Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and Basin Management Action Plans (BMAPS) and HB 7003 leaves these tools vulnerable to their tricks.  As a result we still have thousands of impaired water body segments!  
BMPs must be targeted to meet specific water quality standards.  Their efficacy must be monitored and verified and, if inadequate, upgraded.  Surface water bodies, groundwater, and sensitive areas should be protected by appropriate buffer zones and setbacks that are developed and strictly enforced by DEP, water management districts, and local governments. Similarly, there have to be solid and meaningful deadlines for meeting water quality standards.
Failure to protect and restore Florida’s waters can only damage our tourism and water-based recreational and commercial industries.  No one visits Florida because of our roads.
Water Conservation
Water conservation should be the first strategy employed with respect to water supply.  HB 7003 hardly mentions conservation at all, even though it is the lowest hanging fruit.  There should be incentives for low flow fixtures (faucets and toilets) that would have a long term impact on the amount of water used in the state. Consumptive Use Permits should include a requirement for a water conservation plan that will be followed by the permitee, and a fee should be charged for all withdrawn water (with a reduction in cost for permitees who further reduce their use voluntarily to incentivize conservation.) 
HB 7003 looks at water supply as a matter of responding to all demands for water as an inescapable mandate to develop more water supply, regardless of the cost to taxpayers.  Consumptive use permit applicants should be required to tailor their requests for water to what is available, or to obtain their water from alternative sources.
Similarly, prevention is the best cure for water quality.  Keep pollutants out of the water to begin with to safeguard health, save tax dollars, and maintain a welcoming business climate.
DEP and WMDs should retain authority over water quality and water quantity
There is an inherent conflict of interest between DACS promoting agriculture and being responsible for ensuring water quality.  This conflict is shown explicitly in this quote from the HB 7003 Committee Substitute 1   
on lines 2190-2194:
373.809 Agricultural best management practices for springs protection.—
(1) Best management practices for agricultural discharges shall reflect a balance between water quality improvements in Priority Florida Springs and agricultural productivity.
BMPs should be designed to protect and restore water quality in Priority Florida Springs first and foremost.
The primary responsibility for water quality protection and supply should lie with DEP and the WMDs.  They should be required to enforce the laws and regulations on the books and funded sufficiently to do it effectively.
Contact your Representative by consulting the chart below, or find them here:
Florida House of Representatives - 2015
HD 11    Rep. Janet Adkins                            850-717-5011     janet.adkins@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 66    Rep. Larry Ahern                              850-717-5066     larry.ahern@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 56    Rep. Ben Albritton                           850-717-5056     ben.albritton@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 46    Rep. Bruce Antone                          850-717-5046     bruce.antone@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 118  Rep. Frank Artiles                            850-717-5118     frank.artiles@myfloridahouse.gov
HD111   Rep. Bryan Avila                               850-717-5111     bryan.avila@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 23    Rep. Dennis Baxley                         850-717-5023     dennis.baxley@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 90    Rep. Lori Berman                             850-717-5090     lori.berman@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 7       Rep. Halsey Beshears                     850-717-5007     halsey.beshears@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 115  Rep. Michael Bileca                         850-717-5115     michael.bileca@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 71    Rep. Jim Boyd                                    850-717-5071     jim.boyd@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 45    Rep. Randolph Bracy                      850-717-5045     randolph.bracy@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 28    Rep. Jason Brodeur                         850-717-5028     jason.brodeur@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 3       Rep. Doug Broxson                         850-717-5003     doug.broxson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 38    Rep. Danny Burgess                        850-717-5038     danny.burgess@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 40    Rep. Colleen Burton                       850-717-5040     colleen.burton@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 79    Rep. Matt Caldwell                          850-717-5079     matt.caldwell@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 108  Rep. Daphne Campbell                  850-717-5108     daphne.campbell@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 92    Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed    850-717-5092     gwyn.clarke-reed@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 39    Rep. Neil Combee                           850-717-5039     neil.combee@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 37    Rep. Richard Corcoran                   850-717-5037     richard.corcoran@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 43    Rep. John Cortes                              850-717-5043     john.cortes@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 30    Rep. Robert Cortes                         850-717-5030     bob.cortes@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 25    Rep. Fred Costello                           850-717-5025     fred.costello@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 51    Rep. Steve Crisafulli                        850-717-5051     steve.crisafulli@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 62    Rep. Janet Cruz                                 850-717-5062     janet.cruz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 18    Rep. Travis Cummings                    850-717-5018     travis.cummings@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 116  Rep. José Diaz                                   850-717-5116     jose.diaz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 103  Rep. Manny Diaz                              850-717-5103     manny.diaz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 5       Rep. Brad Drake                               850-717-5005     brad.drake@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 94    Rep. Bobby DuBose                        850-717-5094     bobby.dubose@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 68    Rep. Dwight Dudley                        850-717-5068     dwight.dudley@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 77    Rep. Dane Eagle                               850-717-5077     dane.eagle@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 98    Rep. Katie Edwards                         850-717-5098     katie.edwards@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 44    Rep. Eric Eisnaugle                           850-717-5044     eric.eisnaugle@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 15    Rep. Jay Fant                                     850-717-5015     jay.fant@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 78    Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen           850-717-5078     heather.fitzenhagen@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 114  Rep. Erik Fresen                               850-717-5114     erik.fresen@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 4       Rep. Matt Gaetz                               850-717-5004     matt.gaetz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 100  Rep. Joseph Geller                          850-717-5100     joe.geller@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 74    Rep. Julio Gonzalez                         850-717-5074     julio.gonzalez@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 50    Rep. Tom Goodson                         850-717-5050     tom.goodson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 89    Rep. Bill Hager                                   850-717-5089     bill.hager@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 83    Rep. Gayle Harrell                            850-717-5083     gayle.harrell@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 63    Rep. Shawn Harrison                      850-717-5063     shawn.harrison@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 2       Rep. Walter Bryan 'Mike' Hill       850-717-5002     mike.hill@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 80    Rep. Matt Hudson                           850-717-5080     matt.hudson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 24    Rep. Travis Hutson                          850-717-5024     travis.hutson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 35    Rep. Blaise Ingoglia                         850-717-5035     blaise.ingoglia@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 1       Rep. Clay Ingram                              850-717-5001     clay.ingram@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 96    Rep. Kristin Jacobs                           850-717-5096     kristin.jacobs@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 99    Rep. Evan Jenne                               850-717-5099     evan.jenne@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 14    Rep. Mia Jones                                 850-717-5014     mia.jones@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 101  Rep. Shevrin D. 'Shev' Jones       850-717-5101     shevrin.jones@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 87    Rep. Dave Kerner                            850-717-5087     dave.kerner@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 42    Rep. Mike La Rosa                           850-717-5042     mike.larosa@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 67    Rep. Chris Latvala                             850-717-5067     chris.latvala@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 84    Rep. Larry Lee                                   850-717-5084     larry.lee@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 82    Rep. MaryLynn Magar                   850-717-5082     marylynn.magar@myflorida.gov
HD 54    Rep. Debbie Mayfield                    850-717-5054     debbie.mayfield@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 16    Rep. Charles McBurney                 850-717-5016     charles.mcburney@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 117  Rep. Kionne McGhee                     850-717-5117     kionne.mcghee@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 32    Rep. Larry Metz                              850-717-5032     larry.metz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 47    Rep. Mike Miller                               850-717-5047     mike.miller@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 93    Rep. George Moraitis                     850-717-5093     george.moraitis@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 97    Rep. Jared Evan Moskowitz         850-717-5097     jared.moskowitz@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 36    Rep. Amanda Murphy                   850-717-5036     amanda.murphy@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 61    Rep. Edwin Narain                           850-717-5061     edwin.narain@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 119  Rep. Jeanette Nuñez                     850-717-5119     jeanette.nunez@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 110  Rep. José R. Oliva                             850-717-5110     jose.oliva@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 33    Rep. Marlene O'Toole                    850-717-5033     marlene.otoole@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 86    Rep. Mark Pafford                           850-717-5086     mark.pafford@myfloridahouse.gov
HD106   Rep. Kathleen Passidomo            850-717-5106     kathleen.passidomo@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 21    Rep. W. Keith Perry                        850-717-5021     keith.perry@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 69    Rep. Kathleen M. Peters                  850-717-5069     kathleen.peters@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 55    Rep. Cary Pigman                             850-717-5055     cary.pigman@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 72    Rep. Ray Pilon                                   850-717-5072     ray.pilon@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 29    Rep. Scott Plakon                             850-717-5029     scott.plakon@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 49    Rep. Rene Plasencia                       850-717-5049     rene.plasencia@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 10    Rep. Elizabeth Porter                     850-717-5010     elizabeth.porter@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 88    Rep. Bobby Powell                          850-717-5088     bobby.powell@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 102  Rep. Sharon Pritchett                     850-717-5102     sharon.pritchett@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 57    Rep. Jake Raburn                             850-717-5057     jake.raburn@myfloridahouse.gov
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HD 120  Rep. Holly Raschein                         850-717-5120     holly.raschein@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 58    Rep. Daniel Raulerson                    850-717-5058     dan.raulerson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 12    Rep. Lake Ray                                    850-717-5012     lake.ray@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 9       Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda      850-717-5009     michelle.rehwinkel@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 17    Rep. Ronald Renuart                      850-717-5017     ronald.renuart@myfloridahouse.gov
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HD 112  Rep. José Rodríguez                       850-717-5112     jose.rodriguez@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 95    Rep. Hazelle Rogers                        850-717-5095     hazelle.rogers@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 85    Rep. Patrick Rooney                       850-717-5085     pat.rooney@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 70    Rep. Darryl Rouson                         850-717-5070     darryl.rouson@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 27    Rep. David Santiago                        850-717-5027     david.santiago@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 91    Rep. Irving Slosberg                        850-717-5091     irving.slosberg@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 34    Rep. Jimmie Smith                           850-717-5034     jimmie.smith@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 59    Rep. Ross Spano                               850-717-5059     ross.spano@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 65    Rep. Chris Sprowls                           850-717-5065     chris.sprowls@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 109  Rep. Cynthia Stafford                     850-717-5109     cynthia.stafford@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 104  Rep. Richard Stark                           850-717-5104     richard.stark@myfloridahouse.gov
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HD 53    Rep. John Tobia                               850-717-5053     john.tobia@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 48    Rep. Victor Torres                            850-717-5048     victor.torres@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 105  Rep. Carlos Trujillo                           850-717-5105     carlos.trujillo@myfloridahouse.gov
HD 6       Rep. Jay Trumbull                            850-717-5006     jay.trumbull@myfloridahouse.gov
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