Saturday, March 14, 2015

Advocate for GREEN ENERGY in the Florida Capitol for St. Patrick's Day!

Help us turn the Capitol Green on St. Patrick's day!
Sierra Club Florida joins ReThink Energy Florida in hosting
Advocacy Day Tuesday, March 17 at the Florida Capitol.

Here is the schedule:
  • Monday 3/16, 6-8pm at Florida State University Oglesby Uniion 311C - Citizen Advocacy Training Session -- learn to effectively get your message across to legislators.
  • Tuesday, 3/17 - 9AM - Capitol Rotunda - Press Conference with Senator Soto and others
  • Tuesday, 3/17 - 9:30-5 - meetings with legislators (take a break for a lunch sponsored by Sierra Club Florida)
  • Tuesday, 3/17 - 5pm - Happy Hour Celebration at the DoubleTree, 101 S. Adams
We will be discussing important issues with our legislators, such as: 

Banning Fracking in Florida

This extreme extraction method poses risks to our environment and does not help the people of Florida We don't want to see what happened in Naples to happen anywhere in Florida again!

End Hidden Nuclear Fees

Let the investors pay! Floridians who purchase their energy from Investor Owned Utilities can and have been charged in advance for building and repairing their power plants, even if the power plants never get repaired or built! We want to end this tremendous consumer rip-off!
Act now and register here!

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Encouraging Energy Freedom

Many Floridians are unable to benefit from solar energy because of restrictive regulations. We'd like to see more consumer choice in where Floridians get their energy, and encourage job growth by ending these restrictions. 

Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan is the plan put forth by the EPA to cut carbon pollution from existing, coal-fired power plants in Florida and other states around the country. This plan has strong support from Floridians, 77% of whom said they supported the new EPA rules, and 69% of whom said they wanted an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Opponents, however, are working to distort the facts and undermine the plan before it is even fully adopted. Let’s encourage or leaders to move Florida in a direction that’s cleaner, healthier, and more economical for Florida families and businesses.

Kim Ross
ReThink Energy Florida

David Cullen
Sierra Club Florida Lobbyist