Friday, January 16, 2015

ALERT: Legislature Seeks Your Input on Amendment One

Florida voters overwhelmingly approved the Florida Water and Land Legacy (Amendment One) by 75 %, more than any other environmental constitutional amendment in the history of the state.  Now the Florida Senate wants to hear what you want them to do as far as making it happen.  


1) Submit your comment on this website:

President Gardiner has given the Environmental Preservation and Conservation committee the job of figuring it out and they’re asking for your input.  Chairman Dean has set up a webpage where you can submit comments on how the legislature should discharge its responsibilities in regard to Amendment One: The site also has information about the amendment you may find of interest. 

The  Jan. 7 meeting  of Sen. Dean’s committee was devoted to the Amendment and can be seen here:  Scroll down to the 2015 Meetings Records box and click on ‘Post Meeting Packet’ and ‘Video’.

2) Meet with your legislators:  Just as important as sending comments to the site is meeting with your legislators, building a relationship with them, and urging them to stand up for the environment.  It will make a big difference if everyone’s legislator knows how important it is to do what the voters expect – restore full funding for water and land conservation.  Remind them of the benefits conservation programs have provided your community – from parks to aquifer recharge to eco-tourism that stimulates the local economy.  You can find talking points and examples of past and future conservation projects organized by county and region at: 

Find your Rep. and Senator at: and   These sites will take you to each legislator’s page where you’ll find their district addresses and phone numbers.

3) Let me know what your legislator says:  If you talk with your legislators or their staff about Amendment One, please let me know what they say.  That kind of feedback will really help my work as the Sierra Club lobbyist.

Thank you for everything you do for the planet!

David Cullen, Sierra Club Florida lobbyist