Thursday, June 13, 2013

Central Florida Action Alert: Demand strong fertilizer controls from Orlando City Council

City of Orlando Mayor Dyer has publicly stated that his city can be “the most sustainable city in the southeast part of the United States.”

Then why is the City Council poised to accept only the bare minimum protections against the excessive lawn fertilizer use that is poisoning Orlando's lakes, ponds, rivers and springs?  The slimy algae outbreaks that are all too prevalent in the city should not be the “green” for which Orlando is known.

This coming Monday, Orlando City Council will hold a public hearing to adopt the weakest lawn fertilizer ordinance in the state and you can help us make sure they change their minds.
Strong fertilizer ordinances protect the people of Tampa, St. Pete, Naples and 40 other cities (and six counties) in the state against toxic algae that is fed by lawn fertilizer - we need to make sure the Orlando City Council protects its residents and visitors too.

If you live in or visit Orlando you can help right now:  
Send the Mayor and Council Members a message demanding that they protect us from fertilizer pollution - they need to SEND THE ORDINANCE BACK TO DRAFTING TO MAKE IT STRONGER!  

Email addresses and phone numbers:

On Monday we need you to go the extra mile and come to the hearing at City Hall.

It's easy- all you need to do is show up - we will have stickers to wear to identify us. If you want to make your voice heard loud and clear by testifying in person on behalf of clean water for Orlando, we will have talking points to help you craft your statement!

WHEN: Monday, June 17th

TIME: 2 pm

WHERE: City Hall
2nd Floor
400 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando 32801

If you have any questions or want more information about fertilizer ordinances, please e-mail or call (260) 450-4946.

Please join us!  We can't win without your support. 

Fertilize during the summer?
You might as well just go ahead and apply it right in the water!