Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TODAY: Tell Florida Representatives to Protect our Water!

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A pro-polluter bill HB 7115/SB 1808 is racing towards passage in our state capitol, a bill that would seal a terrible backroom deal. The deal, struck between the Rick Scott Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency, would allow toxic pollution to continue to slime our water ways, threatening our health and our environment.

State senators voted 34-4 in favor of this bill on Wednesday, April 24, deciding to put polluter interests above the need to stop toxic slime in our waterways.  Environmental heroes who voted against the bill included Senators Soto, Abruzzo, Negron and Clemens.  Please take the time to thank those Senators!

Members of the Florida House will vote as early as Friday, April 26.  Please call your Representative and urge them to vote against HB 7115.  

Sierra Club activists like you have been fighting for clean water for years and we can’t stop now!  Our grassroots movement is all that stands in the way of Florida’s waterways becoming America's cesspit.
The pro-polluter bill couldn’t be more egregious. It would leave Floridians without protection from toxic tides and green slime. It would strip power from the EPA and give it to our polluter-backed state government to regulate sewage, fertilizer, and animal manure pollution. Florida's biggest polluters will get exactly what they want: no meaningful limits, a myriad of loopholes and escape hatches, and whole swaths of the state’s water bodies exempt from any protection at all.
That’s why activists from around the state are rallying against this disaster. Last week in ten cities around the state hundreds protested and marched straight to their legislator's offices to vocalize their dissatisfaction with the bills.1
Together we can stop this polluter backed bill before it's too late -- the ongoing public health threats, slimed water-bodies, and hundreds of manatee deaths prove we cannot let the state run the show. Our water resources are the backbone of our state’s environment, economy, and heritage; we aren’t about to trade them just to make a few deep-pocketed polluters happy.
Your legislators need to hear from you today. Tell them:  say no to toxic slime --  it’s not up for negotiation!
Thanks for all you do for our environment,
Macy Zander
Associate Organizing Representative
Sierra Club -- Protecting Florida's Waters Campaign
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