Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Protect Florida's Water, NOT Polluter Profit

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Send your message: Stand up to the big polluters and protect our water!

FLD_FL Water Pollution BillboardPhoto courtesy of the Florida Water Coalition

Dear Friend,
It’s time for Florida's lawmakers to choose -- protect public interest or protect polluters' interests.
Last month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) announced a backroom deal that hands the regulation of sewage, fertilizer, and animal manure pollution to the state.Now this legislation is headed to the Statehouse.
We need to flood our representatives with messages if we're going to drown out the polluter lobbyists and protect Florida’s waterways.
Here in Florida, we all know what state "regulation" looks like -- dangerously polluted waterways infested with toxic algae that hurts our waterfront economies, makes people sick, and is a black mark on our state. 1
If this legislation passes, this reckless disregard for our water and health will continue and polluters will be allowed to escape punishment even after a waterbody has been slimed. To add insult to injury, the citizens of Florida will be saddled with the bill for cleaning up our fouled waterways.
Right now, polluters are flooding Tallahassee with lobbyists bent on ramming this legislation through and handing regulation over to Rick Scott's Tea Party administration. It is up to us to protect our water, health, economy, and way of life from toxic slime.
Thanks for all you do for our environment, 
Macy Zander
Associate Organizing Representative
Sierra Club, Protecting Florida’s Waters Campaign
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[1] Davis, Jack E. "Column: Lousy Water, louse press for Florida.Tampa Bay Times. 3 April 2013.