Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everglades Pollution Bill (HB 7065) gives the sugar industry a free ride. Vote is Thurs PM. Call your Representative now!

Everglades Pollution Bill (HB 7065) gives the sugar industry a free ride.

The House Appropriations Committee will vote on this bill at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 14. 

Call your state Representative now!

The Sierra Club opposes HB 7065, a bill that seeks to drastically weaken Everglades cleanup standards to benefit the sugar industry.

The ailing Everglades cannot afford delay. Its waters cannot be restored until polluting phosphorus effluent discharged by the sugar industry is cleaned up.

HB 7065 lets the sugar companies off the hook.

-          The bill caps the sugar companies’ share of the $880 million cleanup leaving the bulk on on the shoulders of taxpayers.

-          It does not require the sugar industry to further reduce phosphorus coming off their lands.

-          It doesn’t require the sugar companies to pay their fair share of the rising cost of cleanup and leaves the industry’s meager share at 14 percent of 1994 levels.

HB 7065 jumps the gun.

-          It tries to legalize on the state level a bad cleanup proposal that must ultimately be decided by the Federal Court.

-          It is highly unlikely the Federal Court would agree to this proposal that lets the sugar industry off the hook

-          It is a waste of state resources to pass a bill until a cleanup plan has been agreed to by the Federal Court.

HB 7065 hurts the 7.5 million Floridians who rely on the Everglades for their clean drinking water.

-          This bill allows the sugar industry to pollute in the same way they have been doing for years.

-          It takes away State accountability.

This bill was written for the benefit of the sugar industry. It creates potential conflicts with Federal rules and the Courts and allows polluters to continue their business as usual at the expense of the Everglades and taxpayers.

Take Action!

Check the list below and see if your Representative is on it. Call him or her, then call as many as you can starting with the counties closest to you. 

Tell the Representatives to vote against HB 7065 to protect the Everglades and the drinking water supply for almost 8 million people.

House Appropriations Committee 2013

Rep. Seth McKeel, Chair                    Polk                        (850) 717-5040
Rep. Steve Crisafulli, V. Ch.              Brevard                  (850) 717-5051
Rep. Ben Albritton                               DeSoto                   (850) 717-5056
Rep. Dennis Baxley                            Marion                    (850) 717-5023
Rep. Marti Coley                                  Holmes                  (850) 717-5005
Rep. Richard Corcoran                      Pasco                     (850) 717-5037
Rep. Janet Cruz                                   Hillsborough         (850) 717-5062
Rep. Erik Fresen                                 Miami-Dade           (850) 717-5114
Rep. Reggie Fullwood                       Duval                       (850) 717-5013
Rep. Joe Gibbons                               Broward                  (850) 717-5100
Rep. Eddy Gonzalez                           Miami-Dade            (850) 717-5111
Rep. Ed Hooper                                  Pinellas                   (850) 717-5067
Rep. Matt Hudson                               Collier                      (850) 717-5080
Rep. Clay Ingram                                Escambia               (850) 717-5001
Rep. Mia Jones (M)                             Duval                      (850) 717-5014
Rep. Charles McBurney                     Duval                      (850) 717-5016
Rep. Marlene O'Toole                         Lake                       (850) 717-5033
Rep. Mark Pafford                                Palm Beach          (850) 717-5086
Rep. Jimmy T. Patronis                      Bay                         (850) 717-5006
Rep. Steve Precourt                            Orange                  (850) 717-5044
Rep. Hazelle P. Rogers                      Broward                (850) 717-5095
Rep. Darryl Rouson                             Hillsborough        (850) 717-5070
Rep. Cynthia A. Stafford                      Miami-Dade          (850) 717-5109
Rep. W. Gregory Steube                     Manatee                (850) 717-5073
Rep. Perry E. Thurston, Jr.                 Broward                 (850) 717-5094
Rep. Alan B. Williams                         Gadsden               (850) 717-5008