Monday, December 3, 2012

Net Zero Headquarters Grand Opening

Ribbon cutting of new Florida Sierra Club headquarters in St. Petersburg held Dec. 3, 2012 in downtown St. Petersburg/ Photos by Marcia Biggs

By Marcia Biggs
Chair, Tampa Bay Group

The sun was shining on the canopy of photovoltaic solar panels that provide energy for the new Florida Sierra Club headquarters near downtown St. Petersburg today for the official grand opening of the new Net Zero building. It was a star-studded day filled with dignitaries, city and county officials, Sierra Club honchos from Washington DC, Atlanta and West Virginia and a retinue of community friends.

Hundreds gathered to celebrate this ground-breaking building which promises to create more energy than it consumes through solar panels, geothermal heat and AC, and tankless water heaters. The Sierra Club office also features cork flooring and recycled carpeting.  To see full details and photos of the building, click here.  For a complete story on the opening, including video clips, click here.

Let there be light... solar light!
Frank Jackalone
Florida Sierra Club staff manager Frank Jackalone held court over the day's festivities, which included a powerful speech by Mary Anne Hitt, national director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign.  Sierra Club friend and nationally renowned photographer Clyde Butcher was also on hand to present the office with a large photograph depicting the Caloosahatchee River. Mayor Bill Foster thanked the Sierra Club and all those involved in bringing Net Zero to downtown St. Pete and urged the community to continue supporting clean, green energy.

Trisha Kirby and Karl Nurse

Clyde Butcher marvels over the teeny weeny video clips he is shooting.
Sierra Club Florida Chair Rudy Scheffer seems entertained, too.


Charlotte Lacombe said...

Sounds exciting indeed! What I like about modern buildings is the characteristic of it having something contemporary on it. I think this will bring a lot of positive effect to the Sierra Club especially if they are planning to build some recreational houses such as casinos, bars and other entertainment hubs.

Abigail Howarth said...

Sounds like an interesting place to visit again. I wonder how does the Sierra Club looks like, especially after reading that different experts on their perspective fields are helping in the project.

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