Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Take Action: No Anti-Environmental Amendments in the Farm Bill

Clean Energy: No Anti-Environmental Amendments in the Farm Bill -- read more
As the Senate moves forward with the Farm Bill -- a comprehensive must-pass bill that deals with our nation's agriculture some senators are loading it up with anti-environmental amendments. Using a tactic we have seen many times during this Congress, these senators are giving in to polluters by steamrolling protections for our waters and lands and endangering our communities. 

LINK>  Urge your senators to stop these anti-environmental riders.

Some of the anti-environmental riders being considered to the Farm Bill include:

- Blocks the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA from using the Clean Water Act to clearly protect streams and wetlands which account for the drinking water sources for 117 million Americans.

- Allows polluters to apply pesticides directly to our waters by weakening the Clean Water tools that protect rivers and streams from these toxic pollutants.

-Fundamentally alters the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as it pertains to grazing on public lands and guts associated conservation protection measures.

-Guts core elements of the Lacey Act, one of the oldest and most successful conservation laws that helps combat illegal logging. The rider would remove the possibility of criminal penalties for violating the Lacey Act and greatly limit the scope and enforcement of the Act.

- Amends the Clean Air Act to weaken the health standard that EPA sets to the public from some coarse particles.

LINK>  Urge your senators to stop these anti-environmental riders.

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