Monday, June 11, 2012

President Obama: Thank you for supporting the Everglades Skyway. Now let's build it!

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Thank President Obama and ask that he now fund the Everglades Skyway!

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Dear friend,
Last Christmas Eve, President Obama took a major step to restore the Everglades and protect South Florida by signing Congressional authorization for the Everglades Skyway.
But the fight’s not over yet.
Thank President Obama for signing Congressional authorization of the Everglades Skyway and ask him to secure funding for the first span of this critical project.
Since 1928 the ill-conceived Tamiami Trail has blocked the flow of water south, essentially strangling Everglades National Park with disastrous results. As the ground dries out, the Everglades are sinking, which combined with rising sea levels poses a frightening prospect for humans and wildlife alike.
But with 5.5 miles of bridging over Tamiami Trail, precious water will be allowed to flow south again, protecting the region while also creating good jobs and increasing tourism.
We must urge President Obama to take the next step and secure the crucial funding necessary to make the Everglades Skyway a reality!
Over the past decade thousands of Floridians have called and sent letters to their representatives demanding the creation of an Everglades Skyway.
Now, we need to keep up the pressure by asking the President to secure funding for the first span of the bridge.
Thank the President for taking this important step and urge him to fund the bridge to restore America’s Everglades.
Without the Skyway, the Everglades cannot survive and in the coming years South Florida's people and wildlife will face the ravages of climate change. Now is the time to not only protect this magnificent natural treasure but to also safeguard our economy, wildlife, and future of all Floridians.
Thanks for all you do to protect Florida's natural treasures,
Jonathan Ullman
Sierra Club, South Florida/Everglades Senior Organizing Representative
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