Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sierra Club Florida Alert - Everglades vs. Sprawl!

Urgent action needed, and time is short!

Please Email and Call your Senator early Monday morning and urge them to OPPOSE the bad amendments to HB 4003 - Growth Policy that will be heard on the Senate Floor Monday. 

The bad amendments are 832626 by Sen. Bogdanoff and 799666 by Sen. Dean.  (There is also an amendment by Sen. Detert to protect Sarasota County from the impact of Sen. Bogdanoff’s amendment. That one is OK, but won’t be necessary if we can stop Sen. Bogdanoff’s from being adopted.)

Sen. Bogdanoff’s amendment 832626 would prohibit requiring a supermajority to adopt an amendment to a comprehensive plan.  In Miami-Dade County, that supermajority vote is all that stands against new suburban development on the eastern border of Everglades National Park. Developers are relentless in wanting to turn that area into more suburban sprawl – and our already stressed National Park needs all the protection it can get.  Building roads, houses, and shopping malls will not protect our wetlands.

Text of the amendment:

    5  Section 5.A local government may not adopt or impose any
    6  supermajority voting requirement, by charter provision,
    7  ordinance, or otherwise, for the transmittal or adoption of
    8  amendments to the comprehensive plan.

Sen. Dean has also filed amendment 799666 to give owners of agricultural land with development on its perimeter a legal presumption in favor of obtaining a comprehensive plan amendment that upgrades their land from agricultural to residential, commercial, or industrial use.

The Department of Community Affairs used to keep an eye on this kind of bad growth policy.  But they were eliminated by Governor Scott and the Florida legislature last year. HB 4003 is coming up for a vote this Monday at 10 a.m. ! Please email and call your Senator to ask them to OPPOSE amendments 832626 and 799666 to HB 4003 (Growth Policy).

Full Senate emails grouped:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,

Please send emails to Senators in two groups to reduce the number that get bounced back.

And please remember to Call!

Senator                                  Local Phone                        Email Address                                                              

Sen. JD Alexander                (850) 487-5044                                          

Sen. Thad Altman                 (850) 487-5053            
(Please click to see the rest of the Senator's contact information:)


Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto   (850) 487-5356                              

Sen. Michael S. ''Mike'' Bennett  (850) 487-5078                                

Sen. Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff      (850) 487-5100                           

Sen. Oscar Braynon             (850) 487-5116                                       

Sen. Larcenia J. Bullard      (850) 487-5127                                    

Sen. Charles S. ''Charlie'' Dean  (850) 487-5017                                   

Sen. Nancy Detert                (850) 487-5081                                          

Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla  (850) 487-5109                              

Sen. Paula Dockery              (850) 487-5040                                       

Sen. Greg Evers                    (850) 487-5000                                              

Sen. Mike Fasano                 (850) 487-5062                                           

Sen. Anitere Flores               (850) 487-5130                                         

Sen. Don Gaetz                     (850) 487-5009                                               

Sen. Rene Garcia                  (850) 487-5106                                             

Sen. Andy Gardiner             (850) 487-5047                                        

Sen. Audrey Gibson             (850) 487-5024                                       

Sen. Mike Haridopolos        (850) 487-5056                                 

Sen. Alan Hays                     (850) 487-5014                                                

Sen. Dennis Jones                (850) 487-5065                                          

Sen. Arthenia Joyner           (850) 487-5059                                     

Sen. Jack Latvala                  (850) 487-5075                                            

Sen. Evelyn J. Lynn             (850) 487-5033                                           

Sen. Gwen Margolis             (850) 487-5121                                       

Sen. Bill Montford               (850) 487-5004                                         

Sen. Joe Negron                    (850) 487-5088                                              

Sen. Jim Norman                  (850) 487-5068                                            

Sen. Steve Oelrich                (850) 487-5020                                          

Sen. Nan Rich                       (850) 487-5103                                                  

Sen. Garrett Richter             (850) 487-5124                                        

Sen. Jeremy Ring                  (850) 487-5094                                            

Sen. Maria Lorts Sachs        (850) 487-5091                                            

Sen. David Simmons            (850) 487-5050                                      

Sen. Gary Siplin                    (850) 487-5190                                              

Sen. Christopher ''Chris'' Smith  (850) 487-5112                                     

Sen. Eleanor Sobel               (850) 487-5097                                         

Sen. Ronda  Storms              (850) 487-5072                                         

Sen. John Thrasher               (850) 487-5030                                         

Sen. Stephen R. Wise           (850) 487-5027                                          

David Cullen
Sierra Club Florida lobbyist