Friday, July 8, 2011

American Public: 1, Polluters, 0

The blog of Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune

This week, the New York Times ran a profile on EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who some people think has the toughest job in the Obama administration. I was struck by how the article described her as being "behind enemy lines with only science, the law and a small band of loyal lieutenants to support her."

What an odd perspective. From that viewpoint, Jackson appears to be a solitary, lonely warrior, and there's hardly anyone to be found in all of America who really cares about clean air, clean water, and public health besides a "small band" of do-gooders inside the EPA. Of course, the opposite is true: A supermajority of the American public -- across party lines -- believes that we need to do more to stand up to polluters. A bipartisan poll released this spring by the American Lung Association revealed how three quarters of Americans want to see stronger, updated standards on all forms of air toxics, soot, smog, and carbon pollution.

Yesterday, the EPA met this sentiment with action by announcing...

American Public: 1, Polluters, 0