Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No to offshore drilling -- Yes to clean energy!

Take Action: Join Hands Across the SandTake Action: Join Hands Across the Sand

This Saturday join hundreds of citizens from across the U.S. in joining hands against expanded offshore drilling. People will hold hands along scenic stretches of beach and inland landmarks at more than 250 locations in dozens of states and 19 countires in a show of solidarity for clean energy solutions and better transportation choices.

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Anonymous said...


Frank Hendon said...

All of us should join such an advocacy because it's for our own sake. Thanks for this.
-solar electricity

Zane Hovell said...

It has been a year. I hope something good came out of this statement. It's no joke when people gather round to support something good. I hope the government take notice and act. For one, back home, they could start with training electricians perth with the ins and outs of the solar panels to convert into electricity.

Brian Conley said...

I wonder what has become of this advocacy. I hope these statements by the public are well-heard and watched by the World so everyone would know that there is an alternative to fossil fuels.

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