Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Urgent - Calls needed now to take preemption out of HB 457-Fertilizer

Florida Water Quality Alert
HB 457– Fertilizer

HB 457 goes to the House floor this Thursday.

Representative Ingram (the bill’s sponsor) has agreed to file an amendment to the bill that will ensure that any county or city can adopt a fertilizer management ordinance stronger than the state model ordinance.  

The amendment should remove any question of prospective preemption (except for preemption of local sale restrictions after 7/1/11).

Please Call your own representative before 5 p.m. on Wednesday:

Sample message:  I urge the Representative to support an amendment to HB 457 that eliminates preemption of future local urban fertilizer ordinances.  Please make sure HB 457 does not preempt home rule for water quality protection.

Please forward this alert far and wide.  Thanks!

Cris Costello