Thursday, March 10, 2011

Action Alert: Call Senator Nelson - Protect Florida's Waters

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Dear Friend,
Fish Kill on the Saint Johns
Make a Call!
Since 2005, toxic algae has been attacking Florida's most iconic waterways--Wakulla Springs, Silver Springs, St. Johns River, St. Lucie River, Caloosahatchee River, the list goes on.

Make a call to Senator Nelson today to make sure Florida slays these "green monsters."

Last November, the EPA announced new limits that cap the amount of water contamination from sewage, animal manure, and fertilizer allowed in Florida's lakes, rivers, streams, and springs. The nutrients in these contaminants feed the toxic algae that threatens public health in every part of the state. It is up to Bill Nelson and the Senate to strike down an amendment in the budget bill that would put an end to the new water pollution standards.

But he won't act unless we ask him to.

Call Senator Nelson now and urge him to oppose the amendment and protect Florida's waters. We will provide you with the number to call and a simple script to use.

Thanks to advocates like you, we have sent Senator Nelson over 2,000 messages and placed almost 90 phone messages to his office, but it is critical that we keep the pressure on. Florida currently has more than 1,900 miles of rivers and streams, 375,000 acres of lakes, and 500 square miles of estuaries that are poisoned by nutrient pollution -- there is no time to lose.

Make sure Senator Nelson fights to protect Florida's precious water resources - call his office today.

Thank you for all you do for the environment.


Cris Costello
Sierra Club
Sarasota, FL

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