Monday, February 14, 2011

Everglades logo could be worth a whole lot of green

The Everglades Foundation is seeking a logo for a new grassroots campaign and, instead of hiring a designer, it’s holding a contest.

The Foundation will award $15,000 to the person who draws the winning logo for its new “Everglades Nation” campaign. The logo should “communicate enthusiasm for environmental preservation and for restoring Florida's fragile Everglades ecosystem…”  The design must appeal to a wide cross-section of Everglades supporters and use the words, and only the words, “Everglades Nation.”

Richard Gibbs, Senior Director of Communications at the Foundation, says one of the campaign’s goals is to inject “youthful energy and enthusiasm into Everglades restoration, education and outreach activities.”

The runner-up will receive a MacBook or Ipad. The winning design will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2011.

Full rules and logo specifications are on their website:

-- Jon Ullman, South Florida/Everglades Senior Organizer, Sierra Club