Friday, December 3, 2010

Letters to the Editor needed on a state transportation plan that moves us beyond oil now

Last month the Florida Department of Transportation sought comments from Floridians on their 2060 Florida Transportation Plan; a plan that would impact us for the next 50 years. To generate citizen input, Sierra Club sent out an action alert to club members statewide and the response was overwhelming…over 1,100 people sent a strong message; that long-range transportation planning needs to provide Floridians with transportation choices that reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas pollution.

Now we need to go one step further and raise public awareness and support of this shared vision. Sierra Club is urging residents of The Sunshine State to submit letters to the editor of their local papers saying that Floridians support greening transportation infrastructure starting today.  People need to be informed that FDOT must move forward immediately on a state transportation plan that moves us beyond oil.

Now is the time for making Florida’s streets safer and more accessible for pedestrians, cyclists, seniors and transit riders. Now is the time for investment in public transit and improved infrastructure. Now is the time for Florida’s Transportation Plan to align itself with Florida’s Energy and Climate Action Plan; a plan that outlined how to reduce greenhouse gas pollution from transportation.

You can help build momentum behind better, green transportation infrastructure in Florida by writing a short letter to the editor today.

Go to this link:
Write a Letter to the Editor : Green Transportation in Florida and follow the directions. It’s quick and easy with talking points provided.

You have a powerful voice that has the capability of influencing countless others. If transportation issues in Florida impact your life and the lives of family and friends, you need to write a letter.  Thank you!

Submitted by Marti Daltry, Sierra Club, Ft. Myers, Florida