Friday, November 5, 2010

Tell Sen. Nelson: "Don't Feed the Toxic Algae"

This past summer, the surface of the St. Johns River was littered with corpses of fish. These fish died because they were unable to survive in river water poisoned by the toxic algae bloom that covered the river’s surface for almost 100 miles.

Senator Nelson toured the algae-covered rivers and saw how unhealthy waterways can devastate local economies. But now Florida’s Big Polluters have swamped Senator Nelson with misinformation.  While the polluters claim Florida can’t afford to clean up the mess they make, we know the truth: Florida can’t afford not to.

We must make sure Senator Nelson puts the interests of our state’s environment and its people above the demands of dirty polluters!

The EPA is set to implement new limits to curb the sewage, manure and fertilizer pollution that triggers algal blooms. But in September, Senators LeMieux and Nelson made an attempt to stop the new pollution limits with an amendment to the 2011 federal funding bill.

Click here to send a message to Senator Nelson urging him to oppose any attempt to sidetrack the EPA's efforts to protect our water.  Florida's drinking water and the state’s waterways are at stake.

Thanks for taking action to protect Florida’s precious water resources.


Cris Costello
Sierra Club Florida

P.S. After you take action, forward this message to your friends!
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