Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senator Nelson Needs to Hear From Us Again

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced new limits to reduce contamination from inadequately treated sewage, animal manure and fertilizer on November 15.  The new standards set specific numeric limits on the amount of nutrient pollution allowed in Florida’s lakes, rivers, streams and springs and will finally provide Florida with a systematic approach to protecting water quality.

Currently, Florida has more than 1,900 miles of rivers and streams, 375,000 acres of lakes, and 500 square miles of estuaries that are impaired by nutrients –  there is no time to lose.  Clean water is essential to Florida’s environmental and economic health.

Because of a potential Congressional attack on our new pollution limits, it is imperative that our Senator Bill Nelson defends the new rule.  Please take a moment to call his office and leave a message in support of this EPA action. Senator Nelson needs to hear that you support the new pollution limits over and above the needs of the special interest polluters.

Click to see recent Editorials on the new rule from the Orlando Sentinel, the Palm Beach Post, The Gainesville Sun and the St. Petersburg Times.

Thanks again for taking action to protect Florida’s precious water resources.

Cris Costello
Florida Red Tide Campaign Coordinator
Sierra Club