Friday, October 22, 2010

Republican leadership set to undo Crist’s vetoes?

Gov Crist vetoed 18 bills passed during the 2010 session. But if Republicans take 2/3 of the House and Senate, the legislature might override some of those vetoes. The Florida Constitution says an override can take place any time up until the end of the next regular session which will be May 6, 2011.

Incoming Senate President Haridopolos is reported[1] to have directed staff to list vetoed bills that might be overridden – perhaps as early as
the organization session (which could be extended into a special session) on Nov. 16. Sen. Haridopolos said he’s most interested in bills to boost the state’s economy and those that were passed by a large margin.

Sierra Club Florida would be especially concerned if two vetoed bills were revived by the legislature:
Rulemaking – requires any rule having an impact on small business to be ratified by the legislature – would hamstring agencies and make rulemaking almost impossible. (HB 1565)
Solid Waste Disposal – would allow yard waste in landfills. EPA says landfill methane collection systems are only 60-90% effective - the rest enters the atmosphere as a potent GHG. (HB 569)

Gov. Crist’s veto messages can be seen on the links to the bills. And all eighteen veto messages can be seen in the Journals of the House or Senate:
· House bill vetoes: here.
· Senate bill vetoes: here

Sierra Club Florida’s Legislative Advisory Committee and lobbyist will keep a close eye on this possible development.

David Cullen, Sierra Club Florida lobbyist

[1] “Haridopolos says there is a strong chance for a November special session” by Gary Fineout, The Florida Current, Oct. 21, 2010